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There’s no textbook that tells you when you’ve got the right shot, story, or line. There’s no shortcut to a profound sense of place or connection to a culture. We film and photograph the West because it’s in our blood; it’s where we’re from and what we know.



As soon as young Ivan Agerton received his first camera (a 1942 Agfa from his grandfather) he set out documenting his family’s daily routine. Once he could drive, his range expanded into the wilds of Nevada. This exposure to the backroads of his home state has stuck with him; the desire to explore the world through his lens never left. Though the tools have changed, his need to share his discoveries through profoundly moving imagery has not.  After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, Agerton founded Seattle and Los Angeles based Royal Galactic Media. His work has found him in the Himalayas and the Louvre, racing over the Serengeti in a helicopter, deep diving the pacific ocean for Blue Planet 2 and acting as 2nd unit cinematographer for "CUBA The IMAX Experience". When not behind the camera, Agerton heads up RED Digital Cinema’s education workshops, teaching shooters the skills they need to revolutionize cinema. Whether working for major clients or chasing his own creative rabbits, Agerton’s uncanny intuition, painterly eye for composition, and technical virtuosity allow him to tease out and capture the soul of his subjects.


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